Weekend Getaway : Asheville, NC

Day 1: 

After about a 5 hour drive on Friday, Jeremy and I met up at our cute airbnb and shortly after headed to downtown Asheville for dinner at Cรบrate, an amazing Spanish tapas bar. We'd been here before a few summers ago but our first experience together wasn't the best so we decided to give it another try. We sat at the bar, which is the best seat in the house because of the open kitchen. You get to watch them prepare most of the food which makes for great entertainment and makes you that much more anxious for your food to arrive! We got the tortilla espaรฑola, cerdo ibรฉrico, pan con tomate and quickly devoured EVERYTHING.

Who knew that bread and tomato could taste so glorious?

Day 2:

We planned this trip so that we could check out the Biltmore Estate which is an all day kind of thing (like disney world), so we got up bright and early (my idea of "early", not his),  and headed out. If you don't know what the Biltmore Estate is, it's the largest privately owned residence in the United States. It has 34 bedrooms, 43 bathrooms, is equipped with an indoor swimming pool and bowling alley, and originally sat on 125,000 acres of land. Holy COW! It was insane. Insanely beautiful and just flat out insane. 

We toured the house, ate 7 dollar hot dogs, climbed a hill to snap these sweet pics, and strolled around the gardens. In the "Italian Garden" they had 2 giant koi ponds and we probably spent a good 10 minutes hanging out with the fish which was probs the highlight of my visit. They were GIANT and adorable. The estate also has a gorgeous rose garden, a garden that changes seasonally, and a Conservatory which houses the most gorgeous orchids.

The house was cool but the gardens and views of the house were definitely my favorite so those are the only pictures I have. This place is definitely worth the trip if you're into gardens and giant mansions. I hear the house is prettiest when it's all decked out for the holidays so if you're interested in going, make the trip then.

Saturday evening we were planning a date nice enough for Jeremy to wear his fancy new suit. We heard Skybar downtown was the place to go to see a gorgeous sunset above the mountains so we got all dressed up, parked the car, then decided we didn't want to go and ended up wandering around town for an hour (typical). It was safe to say we were definitely the best dressed people in downtown Asheville, probably a little over dressed but hey, there is never a bad time to look good!

A cute old man told us to go to the top of this hill to capture the mountains behind the house. Great tip, thanks cute old man.

We smelled so many roses. Apparently they don't all smell the same.

Day 3:

Asheville is said to be one of the best places to enjoy the beautiful colors of fall because you're surrounded by mountains and trees almost everywhere you go. Jeremy and I really wanted to visit when the leaves were changing. We knew that early October would really be pushing it but luckily we were able to get a little hint of the fall colors. We originally planned to go hiking before heading back home but instead we grabbed Bojangles' to have a scenic lunch on Blue Ridge Parkway. The leaves start changing color earlier in the season at higher altitudes so we cruised higher up into the mountains so that we could get a sneak peek of the pretty fall foliage.

Fried chicken and viewz.

Asheville never seems to disappoint. Since it's just about the halfway point between Jeremy and I, I see many more mountain getaways in our future.

Thanks so much for reading!