Thanks for taking a peek at my VERY first post as a fashion blogger! It took a while to get this thing rolling but I am SO excited to finally have begun this journey. For those of you who don't know, I'm Kristen Dudding. I am a student in KY studying fashion merchandising and business. I have a love for fashion and I have a growing interest in social media, marketing, and branding and since I already have a full course load, starting this blog is my way of delving into and learning about those topics all on my own, all while being able to express my creativity. 
This is a pretty typical outfit for me. My personal style is quite minimal and honestly kind of lazy but I manage to pull myself together most of the time. I have several staple pieces that I wear often and I try to change up how I wear them and what I wear them with. This look is definitely more on the relaxed side but the top is something that can easily be dressed up with a more fitted pair of pants and some pretty flats. Although I mostly stick to simple pieces, I also really love adding in a few trendy pieces to spice things up throughout each season.
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